Hi there! I am a Researcher at Microsoft Research, New York. My work combines the elegance of machine learning and control theory with the practical impact of autonomous systems – to the end of developing principled data-driven analysis and synthesis for real-world dynamical systems. Currently, I am focused on a range of topics spanning safety-critical learning systems, interactive machine learning, and devising optimally robust learning schemes for the control of nonlinear dynamical systems.

Community Service

I am an active member of the AI, control, and robotics research communities — regularly engaging in peer reviewing activities for NeurIPS, International Federation of Automatic Control – World Congress and Automatica alike, Institute of Physics, ICML, IEEE Access, Conference on Decision and Control, IROS, American Control Conference, ASME’s DSCC, ICRA, and Neural Computing and Applications among others.

Since January 2020, I have been a judge for NatGeo’s AI for Species Discovery Grant Applications. In the Fall of 2020 and Winter of 2021, I got to serve as Associate Editor for ICRA.