Welcome to my web presence, where theory meets practice, and where scientific elegance meets creative practical impact.


Lekan combines the scientific elegance of machine learning and control theory with the practical impact of autonomous systems. After his Masters’ degree in Control Systems at the University of Sheffield, he obtained his PhD in Electrical Engineering at The University of Texas at Dallas in 2019. He was a postdoc at the Perelman School of Medicine (PSOM) at The University of Pennsylvania from 2019 through 2021, where he worked on motion-planning for immobilizing cancer radiotherapy patients on a Stewart-Gough platform, as well as lead the design and control of a soft parallel robot mechanism for real-time patients’ head motion correction in stereo-tactic radiosurgery, and in emerging magnetic resonance-linear accelerator photon-based cancer therapy. Since joining MSR in 2021, his research thrusts revolve around safety-critical learning and motion-planning in constrained high-dimensional systems, with applications broadly towards systems verification and validation.


  • I fancy conceptualization, finding issues and directions, definitions, expositions and critical insight. I like to investigate the physics behind machines, and to understand the interconnectedness of components, seeing design flaws, and improvising upon them.

  • I am a member of North Texas Drone Users Group. We fly our drones, micro-UAVs, and mini-planes around the DFW area every Saturday just to disturb the peace and quiet of boring citizens. I am no longer active with this group.

  • I enjoy mentoring committed undergraduates, masters students, and occasionally high school students that are interested in computer vision, control, and robotics.

            - Rachel is currently an undergrad at MIT’s CSAIL department.

            - Ajith is a Senior Software Engineer at Johnson & Johnson.

            - Adwait is a Senior Automotive Engineer at Drov. Tech, MN.

            - Blessing is a CS PhD student at Tufts.

Outside of research, I am a cyclist, a runner, an hiker, and my friends tell me that I am an encourager. I did not start competitive cycling (mountain-biking) since about 2011. I graduated myself to road bikes in 2014. I’ve been part of various cycling clubs through the years, notably the University of Sheffield Cycling Club, , Plano Cycling Club and the University of Chicago Velo Club among others. When running, I mostly stick to 5 and 10k’s either with my friends at Somerville road runners, Frisco running club or alone. Whether I am running, cycling or back-packing, my happy place is time out in Mother Earth, marveling in creation’s grand design.