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Research, Peer Review, Writing Papers. March 10, 2019
Sci-Tech: Large teams develop; Small teams disrupt. February 15, 2019
Optimality vs. Stability of Feedback Control Systems. August 22, 2018

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I have successfully defended my PhD Thesis. Thanks to the mentors I worked with during my graduate program, viz. S.B. Jiang, and N. Gans, and my dissertation committee members: Mark Spong, T. Summers, Y. Tadesse and D. Bhatia. May 16, 2019
At the Department of Brain Robot Interface (BRI) of Japan's ATR Computational Neuroscience (CNS) Labs., I presented our minimax iterative dynamic game work. August 29, 2018
I will be pitching my start-up idea to VCs in Vancouver in October. Yeah, sure. Come in and argue! August 1, 2017

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At leisure, I like to read: research papers, history books, and engineering texts inter alia. Highlighted below are some of my reading lists in the past, codes you might find useful and what-have-you.

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At heart, I am an explorer. As often as I can get away from the lab, I like to pedal the metals of my bike, often logging approximately 120 miles a week (during cycline season, riding rain or shine, hell or highwater -- from the parching heats of sultry Texas, to the cold winds of the Midwest and the Eastern Seaboard of the United States). In the bleak midwinters, I get sloppy and pile on more fat :-). I own a 62cm 2018 TREK Domane AL3 road bike. States where I have ridden so far include Texas, Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey. Below is a screenshot of my recent activities summary. Feel free to follow me on Strava as I pursue life, liberty and the trails!

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