Intro blah, blah, blah.

Welcome to my blog, where theory meets practice, and where scientific elegance meets engineering impact. Fields that consume the bulk of my attention currently include control theory, game theory, robotics, and certainly deep/reinforcement learning.

I study, build, and use robots and I design control-based AI systems. I care about equality, justice and freedom. To this end, it is my view that the oppressed shall salvage themselves (from economic and social disparities) not by begging for crumbs of power from the privileged, but by taking it via achievement, discipline and hard work. Lekan is not a robot.

I love to build systems. I am a big believer in open science and reproducible research. Therefore most of my papers and codes can be easily found via a simple O(n) google search or github repo lookup. My PGP key on public key servers is 03E3 58FB 1D98 869E 8ABE 1EF0 E6A1 2F95 B720 BBB5. I have been described as quite an active tweeter; my handle is @patmeansnoble. As I travel the planet, I try much as possible to document my experiences and world in pictures on Instagram: @patlekano

Research, you say?

My work explores better model representation in dynamical systems using state-of-the-art neural network function approximators, for example in adaptive control or model predictive control of complex nonlinear systems. My background is in Physics and Control theory and I spend my PhD research exploring better ways of automating motion alignment correction systems in clinical cancer radiotherapy of malignant cancers of the head and neck region. The novelty of my work includes (i) the design and use of soft robots with morphological computation properties to dynamically adjust patient motion along desired degrees of freedom during cancer radiotherapy treatment; (ii) leveraging Cosserat’s beam theory, Luh’s algorithm, the forward and backward Euler methods, and screw theory for the kinodynamic planning and execution of trajectories by these soft and semi-rigid continuum robots

More perambulations

  • I work on problems with bandwidth spanning conception, build, and test of what I call “fancy little robots”. I fancy conceptualization, finding issues and directions, definitions, expositions and critical insight. I like to investigate the physics behind machines, and to understand the interconnectedness of components, seeing design flaws, and improvising upon them.
  • I am a co-owner of the Linux, OpenStack, and Unix Networking video tutorials on this youtube page.

  • I am a member of North Texas Drone Users Group. We fly our drones, micro-UAVs, and mini-planes around the DFW area every Saturday just to disturb the peace and quiet of boring citizens.

  • I enjoy mentoring committed undergraduates, masters students, and occasionally high school students that are interested in computer vision, control, and robotics.

            - Ajith is a Senior Robotics Software Engineer at Samsung Research, America.

            - Adwait is an Engineer at Drov. Tech, MN.

            - Rachel is currently an undergrad at MIT’s CSAIL department.