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Welcome to my blog, where theory meets practice, and where scientific elegance meets practical impact. Fields that consume the bulk of my attention currently include control theory, game theory, robotics, and certainly deep/reinforcement learning.

I study, build, and use robots. I design and tinker with AI-based control systems. I love working with talented teams, as well as spending-time with people in the knowledge-based industry[insert cerebral people]. I enjoy working in a multicultural team (because, why not?). I am an independent-minded researcher and I cherish being trusted to manage my own projects/goals rather than being given tasks and being micro-managed. Matter-of-factly, my best works have arisen out of the place of independence and self-management. Yet, I value collaboration across domains and with people of diverse discipline expertise. I read widely and study avidly: my interests span history to public affairs (really?) to the sciences, and technology. I am a big believer in open science and reproducible research. Therefore most of my papers and codes can be easily found on google scholar and my github repos. I am particularly mindful of inclusion in hi-tech, STEM, policy-making, and governance (yep, all of the above). Lekan is not a robot. My PGP key on most public key servers is 03E3 58FB 1D98 869E 8ABE 1EF0 E6A1 2F95 B720 BBB5. It helps to send your email encrypted if I do not know you, to hasten a quick reply. I have been described as quite an active tweeter; my handle is @patmeansnoble.

More perambulations

  • I work on problems with bandwidth spanning conception, build, and test of what I call “fancy little robots”. I fancy conceptualization, finding issues and directions, definitions, expositions and critical insight. I like to investigate the physics behind machines, and to understand the interconnectedness of components, seeing design flaws, and improvising upon them.
  • I am a co-owner of the Linux, OpenStack, and Unix Networking video tutorials on this youtube page.

  • I am a member of North Texas Drone Users Group. We fly our drones, micro-UAVs, and mini-planes around the DFW area every Saturday just to disturb the peace and quiet of boring citizens.

  • I enjoy mentoring committed undergraduates, masters students, and occasionally high school students that are interested in computer vision, control, and robotics.

            - Ajith is a Senior Robotics Software Engineer at Samsung Research, America.

            - Adwait is an Engineer at Drov. Tech, MN.

            - Rachel is currently an undergrad at MIT’s CSAIL department.

            - Blessing is resuming as a CS PhD student at Tufts in the Fall.