I mostly teach a mixture of undergrad and graduate level classes in Robotics at Brandeis University.

Starting in the Summer 2021, other things being equal, I will be helping La Salle University in developing some of the applied Engineering courses for the cohort of undergrads resuming in Fall 2021.

RBOT250: The Mathematical Foundations of Robotics, Spring 2021.

RBOT101: Robot Manipulation, Planning and Control, Spring 2020.

EECS 4342: Introduction to Robotics, Fall 2016.

This was a course I helped teach back in grad school to a mixture of Seniors and first-year ECE Masters students.The website I made in 2016 is highlighted below.

Anonymous Feedback:

“Thank you again Lekan. [Taking RBOT 250 with you] was quite a journey. But I feel more confident now with ROS because I figured all of the ROS system. I’ll be looking forward to see you run the class again.”

“Dr. Molu is very caring about his students. I love how he makes time for me to run over course notes, point out helpful reading materials, and work through problems together with me. I enjoyed the examples and exercises he tasks us with.”

“I want to thank Lekan for teaching this course, I definitely learned a lot. I am interested in auditing it when Lekan runs it again.”